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Corporate Event Planner in Greater Noida

From Wedding Functions to Birthday Parties or Corporate Events to Musical Functions, We offer full range of Events Management Services that scale to your needs & budget.

The corporate events are different from private functions, weddings events, and birthday parties. They are formal and involve brand projection as well. The entire decoration and ambience reflect the brand image of the corporate client. The experience of corporate event planner in greater Noida plays ensures that corporate event goes flow smoothly without a glitch with the desired message to guests and business clients.
The corporates events in Greater Noida are planned and executed by the Sawariya event, a well- established event Management Company in the Noida and Greater Noida. The event planner provides dedicated managers and professionals to create concept, design and implement and work the client throughout the event.

 Corporate Event Planner

The corporate event planning by the Corporate Event Planner in Greater Noidastarts with the discussion with the corporate officials to understand their requirement, brand image, business and motive behind corporate event they are conducting. The inputs are put to create an event that is as unique as the brand and logo of the client. The world-class audio-visual equipment is also installed for presentations. Every detail from seating arrangement to décor of the stage for the presentation, to the audio system, subtle lighting, and general ambience is given due importance. The logo and brand give us the general theme on which the event will be planned. The theme and all related décor revolve around the corporate brand and logo. The lightings and color theme magnify the corporate image. The successful completion of a corporate event
Our experience and network connections also ensure that catering services, music and related services are offered as per the client requirement. Besides meticulously planning the main event, we also arrange flawless travel facilities, pre-conference services, site selection, catering facilities, to accommodation needs.


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Think of an event and think Sawariya.
SAWARIYA EVENTS is a well established Event management Company with the strategy to establish an exciting and inspiring environment around the audience so that our guests or prospective clients experience cutting edge art direction of every visual element - We lift the impact of each and every event, M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) Event management involves visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing and executing events such as fashion shows, musical concerts, corporate seminars, wedding celebrations, theme parties, product launching etc. We, SAWARIYA EVENTS, help our clients achieve their objectives through the development and execution of customized special events. Maximum client satisfaction will be achieved through our involvement. Our professional experience in event planning covers every aspect of event management, which also includes a comprehensive network of relevant contacts ensuring that you are provided with a superior quality of services as well as competitive rates at every stage of event planning. The hallmark of our company is that “We Create What Others Dream.” We believe in the importance of signature moments, and celebrating them in style. No vision or guest list is too small for our creative team. We produce events with consistent quality, creating an unveiling experience for our discerning clientele and their guests.
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At Sawariya event management, We believe that each event is unique with its own objective and challenges. We also know that in order to deliver a successful event you need an event management partner that understand this.
From rigorous planning to seamless execution we are a full service agency offer everything from set up to cleanup.

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