Best Tent and Catering services in Greater Noida


Tent and Catering services in Greater Noida

From Wedding Functions to Birthday Parties or Corporate Events to Musical Functions, We offer full range of Events Management Services that scale to your needs & budget.

Tent and catering services in the greater Noida are provided by the Sawariya events, a leading services provider in the Greater Noida and Noida. The company has the deep experience in the tent and catering domain to ensure flawless services to the clients. The tent and catering services are offered at short notice to birthday parties, weddings, receptions, family functions, live concerts, gala musical nights, entertainment events, and other such events.
The tent and catering services also depend on the theme selected by the client. The tent services include tent erection, lighting, décor, seating arrangement, creating space inside a tent for various rituals associated with the wedding ceremony, pandal for jaimala, etc. The additional services of the DJ, floral decorations, and dance floors are also provided. Our experience enables us to take minute details into account and ensure that every single detail is taken care of. Our services leave the host party free from any tension and anxieties, as our experience and domain knowledge covers all aspect of the catering and tent services. The entire décor, the colour used in the décor, lightings, seat covers, and general ambience revolves around the theme selected or a particular vision of the client.

Tent and Catering Services

The catering services range from non- vegetarian to vegetarian and include many courses. As a business policy only fresh ingredients are used our chefs and cook. No artificial flavours are added in various items. The catering services are rendered by the trained staff in the latest crockery matching the theme and décor of the party or function.


Why Choose Sawariya Events

Think of an event and think Sawariya.
SAWARIYA EVENTS is a well established Event management Company with the strategy to establish an exciting and inspiring environment around the audience so that our guests or prospective clients experience cutting edge art direction of every visual element - We lift the impact of each and every event, M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) Event management involves visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing and executing events such as fashion shows, musical concerts, corporate seminars, wedding celebrations, theme parties, product launching etc. We, SAWARIYA EVENTS, help our clients achieve their objectives through the development and execution of customized special events. Maximum client satisfaction will be achieved through our involvement. Our professional experience in event planning covers every aspect of event management, which also includes a comprehensive network of relevant contacts ensuring that you are provided with a superior quality of services as well as competitive rates at every stage of event planning. The hallmark of our company is that “We Create What Others Dream.” We believe in the importance of signature moments, and celebrating them in style. No vision or guest list is too small for our creative team. We produce events with consistent quality, creating an unveiling experience for our discerning clientele and their guests.
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Sawariya Events Skills

At Sawariya event management, We believe that each event is unique with its own objective and challenges. We also know that in order to deliver a successful event you need an event management partner that understand this.
From rigorous planning to seamless execution we are a full service agency offer everything from set up to cleanup.

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